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Best Demat Account in India – List of Top 10 Demat Account Providers

The following is a list of the best Demat accounts in India. After careful analysis of 150 parameters related to the opening of demat accounts, this list of the top 10 demat accounts was established.

We were able to finalize 5 major parameters of these 150 parameters that we analyzed & worked on to build this list of the best demat account services in India.

The 5 finalized parameters are classified as

  • Best Demat Account for IPO
  • Top Demat A/C for Small Investors
  • Demat Account for Intraday Trading
  • Best Demat a/c with Banking Broker
  • Top Demat Account with Low Brokerage

We will discuss these 5 parameters in detail post checking our list of stock broker with best demat account.

Best Demat Account in India – List of Top 10 Demat Account Online





Zerodha Demat Account



Angel Broking Demat Account



Sharekhan Demat Account



Edelweiss Demat Account



5Paisa Demat Account



Kotak Securities Demat Account



IIFL Demat Account



Motilal Oswal Demat Account



ICICI Direct Demat Account



Karvy Demat Account


Best Demat Account for IPO

IPO investing is now a very easy method in which the consumer can conveniently fill in an online form and continue to invest in an IPO.

For any form of customer, the simpler the operation, the more convenience for the customer, IPO investment is very important.

After evaluating all the brokers, we came to the conclusion that Kotak Securities & Zerodha has a very clear and quick way to fill out and send the form.

The entire experience was very smooth & easy. Hence, we rate kotak securities & zerodha as combine no.1 for this parameter, followed by ICICI Direct, Edelweiss & Angel broking.

Top Demat Account for Small Investors

A broker with a very low brokerage rate and who gives outstanding advice will always be preferred.

This discount broking house does not alter any distribution trading brokerage that is optimal for small investors.

Post experience with the well-known brokers, we realized that here too, zerodha leads the game.

In this ranking, angel broking is at no. 2 as their brokerage rate is also low & their advisory services is quite accurate.

Sharekhan, IIFL & Karvy had taken 3rd, 4th & 5th position respectively. These brands are also very competent in brokerage rate & are known for their stock recommendations.

Best Demat Account for Intraday Trading

Intraday trading is a practice where a share is bought and sold on the same day.

Intraday trading is one of the most significant characteristics of any stock broking house as it is directly linked to income from businesses.

Mostly all broking houses are doing their best to draw Demat account traders from Intraday. Intraday Trading’s most significant driver is brokerage fees & trading platform features.

5Paisa is leading the race in this parameter, followed by zerodha, angel broking, sharekhan & edelweiss.

5Paisa is leading because of its lowest brokerage charges, while zerodha is at no.2 because of both low brokerage charge & trading platform.

Best Demat Account with Banking Broker

As many customers look to invest in the stock market through a bank, this parameter is very straightforward.

Customers believe that their money is secure with the bank until they move money to the trading account, the main explanation behind the same is.

This parameter concerns not only banking companies offering demat accounts, but also ordinary stock brokers with 3rd party banks having the best in class banking solution.

As it relates to the protection of their money, this parameter is extremely significant. Most of the banks with very strong Demat services would definitely lead the way here.

Kotak securities is ranked no.1 in this parameter. 2nd is ICICI Direct followed by HDFC Securities, SBICap Securities.

Surprisingly, at no.5, we have a non-bank stock broker i.e. angel broking with their superb banking solutions.

Best Demat Account with Low Brokerage

Last but not least, this is one of the most critical criteria for the best Indian demat account to be completed. Both forms of investors are pushed towards the stock broker by low brokerage.

Thanks to their discount broker strategy, discount brokers such as zerodha & 5Paisa have made a huge brand out of them.

This race will always be won by Discount Brokers. In this group, 5Paise is no.1. 2nd is Zerodha followed by angel broking, sharekhan & edelweiss.

Apart form these 5 parameters, there are few more which we have used to determine the ranking of best demat account. These parameters are:

Best Demat Account Online

Zerodha & Angel broking leads against all competition here. They have been a pioneer in online demat account opening in India.

Top Demat Account for Beginners

A stock market beginner will always like to go with full service broker who provides very good advisory. Kotak securities, Sharekhan, Angel Broking leads the way here.

Best Demat Account Comparison – Conclusion

Zerodha leads the way among all other full service & discount brokers majorly because of their strong free delivery trading product & powerful trading platforms.

Angel broking ranks no.2 for best demat account in India for their massive inclination towards digitization & adopting new technology fast.

Sharekhan, Edelweiss & 5Paisa are also competing very rigorously for this 1st & 2nd position & are not far behind.

All the above mentioned 10 broking house have best in class demat a/c service. Anyone looking to finalize a broker should always choose based on their individual requirement.

Understand your requirement before taking a final decision or fill up our form & we will suggest the best broker suitable for you.

Best Demat Account FAQs

Answer –In order to make a final decision, approximately 150 para meters have been analyzed, of which the best Demat account offer in India is. In order to find the most suitable one, five major para meters were finalised and worked on.

Answer – Zerodha, with a  8.60/10 rating, is the best free demat account in all of India. This has been drawn after comparing every firm based on 5 very rigid parameters.

Answer – The best Demat account for beginners will always be Kotak Securities. One thing needs to be kept in mind when choosing this, and a stock market novice should make sure to go along with a full-service broker who is fantastic at offering support and advice.

Answer – Zerodha, is hands down, the best demat account for traders all over. Its brokerage fee is extremely feasible and this assists traders and investors alike to put in less money but draw out immense profit all year round.

Answer –It is pretty easy to invest in anything such as an IPO. The client will fill out the form online and begin investing in it. Nevertheless, it is very important for any customer and we have come to the conclusion after careful evaluation that Kotak securities and Zerodha have a fairly convenient form filling system when it comes to IPO.

Answer – ShareKhan has the best system for Mutual Fund investment. SBI, HDFC or any other bank login when it comes to mutual fund investment is really hassle-free and you can keep your shares under one custody.

Answer – It goes without saying that intraday trading is a mandatory feature of a stockbroking firm. Herein, 5Paisa leads the match with its low brokerage fee and trading platform.

Answer – You can compare the best demat accounts in India on our website itself. We provide five very rigid para metres, based on which, the best demat accounts on every factor, is provided to you. The five para metres being:

  • Best Demat Account for IPO
  • Top Demat A/C for Small Investors
  • Demat Account for Intraday Trading
  • Best Demat a/c with Banking Broker
  • Top Demat Account with Low Brokerage

Answer – It goes without saying that low brokerage fee attracts investors and traders in every stockbroking company. Herein, Zerodha and 5Paisa have been massive firms to provide discount brokerage strategies to their customers.

Answer – This factor is apparently pretty amusing because a lot of clients want to invest their money with brands which also have a key role to play in the banking sector. One of the main reasons for this to happen is because they want their money to be safe. This doesn’t only include the banking agencies but also the stockbrokers to have the best banking solution. Kotak Securities wins this race followed by ICICI Direct.

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