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Top 10 Full Service Brokers in India – List of Best Full Service Broker

We are discussing about Top 10 Full Service Brokers in India. But before going directly to this list, we should understand who is a full service broker & what are the various factors which determines a full service broker & then we jump into the ranking of full service broker.

Who is a Full Service Broker?

A Conventional Broker is also known as a Full Service Broker. This group of brokers offers their customers a lot of support for any form of investment. The assistance list offered by Full Service Brokers includes:

  • Branch or Offline Presence
  • Research, Advisory & Stock Tips
  • Dedicated Dealer or Relationship Manager
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Training Sessions for Clients
  • Margin Funding Facility
  • Variety of Financial Products

Before discussing these 7 parameters, we should look into the list of Top 10 full service brokers in India.

Rankings of Top 10 Full Service Brokers


Broker Name



Kotak Securities



ICICI Direct






Angel Broking






IIFL or India Infoline



Motilal Oswal



HDFC Securities



Anand Rathi





The above rankings are based on 5 factors which determines best full service brokers in India. These 5 Factors are:

  • Stock Broking Experience
  • Products & Services Offerings
  • Brokerage & other Charges
  • Research, Advisory & Stock Tips
  • Quality of Trading Platforms

Let us now discuss about the 7 parameters which determine a Full Service broker.

Branch & Offline Presence

A Full Service broker must have a strong presence offline, which implies that their branch must be located across the country. These branches serve as support for their customers for any form of investment-related questions or problems. Offline presence also gives the client a kind of confidence. The list of top 10 full-service brokers listed above has an offline presence across the region.

Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

The ability to provide stock advisory & high-level analysis is one of the most critical features any full-service broker brings on board. All these best full-service brokers provide their customers with very detailed analysis & guidance, which is extremely good for any new investor.

Dedicated Dealer & Relationship Manager

Each investor needs a dedicated dealer, whether a new investor or a trader, who can not only trade on his or her behalf, but can also provide guidance for any form of investment strategy. All these top full-service brokers provide their customers with a relationship manager.

24/7 Customer Support

Most of the full service brokers provide 24/7 customer support. They are available for their clients in all circumstances. Our best full service brokers provides 24/7 customer support & thats why they are ranked above other brokers.

Training Sessions for Clients

All the big full-service brokers frequently give their customers stock market training. In order to provide these services, they use webinars & other media. Our top 10 full service brokers have training sessions somehow or otherwise, it may be online training mode or offline mode, but they provide their customers with training.

Margin Funding Facility

Margin Funding or Exposure is another major feature of full service brokers. Exposure is mainly providing extra money to trade to the client in need. All our best full service brokers provides high leverage to their clients. Some full service brokers provides more than 20x of margin funding depending on holdings of Investor.

Variety of Trading Products

Our Top 10 Full service brokers provides multiple asset classes to their clients like Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodity, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Bonds etc. Majority of full service brokers provides all these products.

Conclusion of Best Full Service Brokers in India

In India total number of full service brokers are more than 100. So, it was very difficult to arrive at Top 10 full service brokers. But finally with the help of our 5 best parameters, we have been able to arrive at the list of best full service brokers with precision.

If any investor is looking for a long term benefit & good stable growth in their investment they can choose any of the above mentioned broker & start their investment. This list of 10 best full service brokers are best in the industry.

Best Full Service Broker FAQs

Answer – A full service broker, also known as a traditional broker are one of the many brokers that provide a lot of services to their clients regarding any kind of investment. They generally have a huge list of financial products to provide, and the key aspect is research and advisory, which is not provided with any of the discount brokers.

Answer – The top 10 best full service brokers in the stock market are Kotak Securities, ICICI direct, Edelweiss, Angel Broking, ShareKhan, IIFL, Motilal Oswal, HDFC securities, Anand Rathi and last but not the least, Karvy. The list is obtained based on thorough analysis and research.

Answer – Best research, stock advisory and tips are all extremely important and are supposed to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect stock brokerage house for one’s own good. Some of the best ones are: IIFL, Motilal Oswal, ICICI Direct, Anand Rathi and Zerodha.

Answer – IIFL has more than 30,00,00 customers, its demat account is decent for investors all over who need proper guidance and support when it comes to making investment decisions in the long run and what is an added benefit is that the brokerage fee is really less in matters of trading and value investing.

Answer – Yes, most of the stock broking houses provide education to help beginners get started with trading.  research and advisory, traditional stocks brokers also provide stock market education to the masses. Also, when you get started with any online trading platform, the platform will first give you a demo on its usage. This is more than enough to take you through the new experience you are about to witness.

Answer – Full service brokers make sure that you are always offered absolute customised support when it comes to facilitating trade, managing your portfolios planning anything regarding your investment as such or wealth management ideas for customers.

Answer – The immense stock broking experience, offerings when it comes to products and services, extremely less brokerage charge and research and stock tips, make Angel Broking the best full service broker of all time.

Answer – Motilal Oswal has an immense network that has been spread out to over 500 cities and towns in India and it comprises more or less 2000 locations of business operated by the company solely. It includes foreign investors mutual funds as well as corporate clients and all of this makes Motilal Oswal the best full service broker.

Answer – Share Khan provide services through its online trading platform which goes by the name and more or less 1700 offices that has different branches and franchises in more than 500 city is all over India. The company has seen tremendous growth over the last decade and are pretty successful in its chain of firms located in every part of this country.

Answer – You might want to start this task by first asking and taking suggestions from all your peers, or basically, do your research on the Internet, read some broker reviews and ratings and ultimately come to a decision as to what you think could be the best full service broker out there in the market. We have all the information you need, to choose the best broker.


List of all Full-Service Brokers in India –

Angel Broking , Motilal Oswal , Kotak Securities , HDFC Securities , Sharekhan , India Infoline / IIFL , ICICI Direct , Edelweiss , Karvy , SBI Cap Securities , Geogit BNP Paribas , Anand Rathi , Religare Securities , Indiabulls Ventures , Just Trade , Ventura Securities , Aditya Birla Money , Axis Direct , SMC Global , GEPL Capital , IDBI Direct , GCL Securities , Arihant Capital , Mangal Keshav , MasterTrust , Networth Direct , Reliance Securities , Sushil Finance , LSE Securities

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