Top 10 Share Market Apps

Top 10 Share Market App in India – List of Best Share Market Apps of 2021

Find the list of Top 10 Share Market India Apps. Lets have a detailed discussion about Best Share Market Apps in India for 2021 which can be used in both Android & IOS Phones.

We will discuss about the ranking of these stock market apps & also know about these apps & their features in detail.

Ranking of Top 10 Share Market India App

Find the detailed list of Top 10 Stock Market Apps in India of 2021:

Finance and business has always baffled the masses with a number of incomprehensible terms, contradicting business propositions, and some complex processes.

Typically, consumers use the support of certain workers to help them maneuver through this financial jungle. Nevertheless, many consumers are unable to get hold of such support.

Some just may not have the time to visit a website directly and collect company propaganda according to their needs.

Therefore, financial apps have been developed to assist such clients at the tips of their fingertips to access all such information.

Here, we have compiled 10 of the best stock market applications that will assist you in any way imaginable. These stock apps are well-designed and are very helpful to the user.

Some new innovations that further boost the overall performance of these apps have been used to develop these apps.

 Any customer would be delighted to own such apps.

Details on Best Stock Market India Apps of 2021

Lets have a brief understanding on this list of Best Stock Market Apps:

Moneycontrol Mobile App

The Moneycontrol app has been installed by 10 million consumers and has an average rating of about 4.3 on Google Play. This share market app claims to be the best financial app in all of Asia as of 2021.

Some of the most amazing features of this share market App are –

The software aims to keep the user informed about both the Indian and global financial markets.

All customers are provided with their assets on BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX exchanges so that options, stocks, mutual funds, commodities, futures, and currencies can easily monitor indices (Sensex l Nifty).

With a single option to navigate through inventories, indices, mutual funds, stocks, news, the app also offers market, industry and economic news to consumers, and occasionally senior management interviews.

To boost its efficiency, the app also manages to apply the ‘Text To Speech’ feature.

The clients’ overall ratings are pretty awesome.

The reply to the customers’ complaints is very prompt and the concerned authorities try to provide all possible solutions to the concerned problems.

Economic Times App

A branch of the Times Internet Limited, this app is a boon for many customers. This app has been designed with the only goal of informing their customers.

They want to enable their customers to form perfect decisions based on true facts and observations. This is one of the most popular Share Market India App available.

Few really interesting features of this stock market App are –

This app offers business news mainly from all possible outlets.

This app also offers some Corporate & Business, Customer & Legal, Economy, Entertainment, Events, Advertisement & Marketing presentations and slideshows, etc.

The app has a sharing functionality that allows its customers to share some piece of data with their respective social networks or a personal friend.

In this app, the option to continuously track stocks is also given.

138, 192 users from around the globe have installed the Economic Times app.

This app also has some excellent ratings, with a whopping rating of 4.4 on Google Play.

All customers who have a problem with their app are provided with all possible solutions by concerned authorities on the Internet.


The CNBC app is famous for providing accurate news at every moment. The app is the result of shrewd business propaganda and strong programming skills.

This app is one of the most trusted stock market apps available.

The various features of this share market India App are –

This app also offers the option of direct access and continuous monitoring for live streaming videos.

The app also offers the option of continuously monitoring inventories from every part of the world.

Pre-market and after-hours trading details are one of the features of this well-designed app.

Even in the financial field, the CNBC team has tried to provide well-rounded entertainment with the help of this app. This app also provides current news related to politics, technology, investment, and so on, in addition to providing all types of business and finance information.

As of 2021, the CNBC app was downloaded by 28, 191 users.

The app has an average rating of 4.3 on Google Play Store. The initial reviews are only complaints about the malfunctioning of the app.

However, one can observe a gradual improvement in the app. In the recent reviews, there have been only praises about the app’s efficiency and performance. App

This mobile app has garnered millions of users and the number of users of this app is increasing by the minute. This is one of the most sort after Share market app in India.

Here are the various features provided in this share market app are –

  • This app has been laid out very efficiently and allows the user to achieve maximum performance. The app provides real time data and a financial calendar to track all financial events throughout the year.
  • The customer can track global indices, stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and interest rates from all around the world.
  • The app also has a sound notification setting which helps to alert the customer regarding a business deal analysis, news report analysis, financial instrument or any economic event.

206,326 users installed the app until 2021. The app has a Google Play Store average rating of 4.6. The app’s ratings only contain praise from across the globe.

There are accolades based on the look, the consistency, and the accuracy of the app. Any user who downloads this app is pleased and only the app and the business concerned are full of praise.

IIFL Markets App

The IIFL Markets app has been downloaded by 1 million plus consumers and is one of the best functioning stock market apps available in the market.

The app has also been awarded the ‘Best Mobile App’ by the Zee Business Awards. This stock market app provides the latest buzz about the business and financial world.

This app has various features & some of them are provided below –

  • The app also provides all concerned details for Equity, Index and Currency; comprehensive details of Futures and much more options.
  • One of the biggest features of this app is the option to receive expert opinion on any financial matter. Whenever, a customer is in doubt regarding any financial matter, he/ she can swipe and receive the opinion of an IIFL expert.
  • The app also provides a ‘Price Alert’ system for currency, equity, and commodity segments. The customers are also provided with the option of creating a watch list according their choice and requirement.
  • The overall stock market portfolio of any customer hence, becomes well handled.

The average rating of the app is 4.3 and the overall reviews have a positive mood.

NDTV Profit App

The NDTV Profit App has been launched very early and has already garnered 1 Lakh plus downloads. The app is a welcome breeze in the world of financial apps due to its new and unique outlook.

The app has a number of features which enhances its overall performance. NDTV Profit App is known be one of the most news focused stock market apps available today.

Some of the major features of this App are –

The NDTV Benefit app displays live stocks and quote maps, a variety of interactive charts, personalized timeframes from one day to three years, business-specific news, videos, and special sector screeners, P/E ratio, indexes, market cap, market shockers, and so on.

The app also offers a variety of interview and market research videos, a Live TV streamed directly from the NDTV Benefit Studios, and all previous episodes of NDTV Profit program videos.

This app also provides its customers with news exclusively from NDTV Benefit, analysis and reports on the latest developments about Stock Market News, Budget News, Top Stories, News Story Analysis, Expert Opinions on Investment, etc.

The app has an average rating of 3.8 on Google Play Store and the reviews are very positive.

Stock Edge App

The Stock Edge app has been downloaded by 5 lakh plus users. This app is the only 100% focused on research and analytics in all of India. The app empowers all of its customers to do some research on their own based upon their personal preferences and wishes.

Here are the few features of this stock market App –

The app offers detailed historical data visualization for FII/ FPI & DII Cash and Derivatives.

With News, NSE & BSE Corporate Announcements, all potential future activities, Corporate Decisions, and Market Indices NIFTY, and many other resources to motivate consumers, this app also offers a dedicated regular alerts section for filtered major market monitoring.

The app even offers a specific Sector List, Sectors in a Sector, and even Companies in a Sector/Industry for Stock Analysis.

The Stock Edge app is also designed in such a way that it provides scanners built according to the needs of customers.

The app also helps clients to learn about certain new financial terms and conditions.

The app has an average rating of 4.7 on Google Play Store and all reviews are very positive.

ET Markets App

The ET Markets App has been downloaded by 1 million plus consumers from all over the world. The app is available in 8 Indian languages and helps the customers to track all required marked indicators from all around the world.

The very amazing features of the App are –

  • ET app keeps the customers up-to-date on best stocks to help them buy top mutual funds, Nifty futures, gold market, BSE India and NSE India.
  • The app also allows free share market tips and investment ideas and regular updates on world stock markets and indices.
  • Live rates of US dollar, British pound, euro, yen, Australian dollar, dirham, and yuan are also provided by the app.
  • Real-time price quotes for all kinds of asset class such as equity, debt, mutual funds, NSC, ETFs, gold, NSE or BSE are also provided for the customers.
  • The app also offers offline reading facility to sync stories when customers are online and they can access them from anywhere at leisure.

The app has an average rating of 4.2 on Google Play Store and all reviews are very positive. All complaints are also addressed by concerned personnel promptly.

BSE India App

The BSE India Mobile app has been downloaded by 5 lakh plus consumers in India. The app has been specifically designed by the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and has a number of features.

Some of the most know features of this app are –

  • There is a Google Voice based search for Stocks within the app along with Streaming Quotes for Sensex Stocks.
  • The customers have the option of creating their own Watch list and Portfolio to track their investments.
  • The app also allows quick access to Gainers, Losers, Top turnover, 52 Week high / lows along with BSE SME Platform and Equity Derivatives streaming quotes.
  • This app also provides live Corporate Announcements, Corporate Actions, Results and Board Meetings.

The app has an average rating of 4.3 and all reviews have a positive feel to them. Any complaint or problem has been solved very insightfully.

Stock Market Live App

This app majorly concentrates on deep research and has been downloaded by 1 Lakh customers. The app has a number of in-built features such as the given:

Here are the most checked features of the apps –

  • Stock Watch widget
  • Global Currencies and MCX Commodity prices
  • Alerts and Notification on price rise and fall
  • Backup and restore
  • Intraday and Historical chart
  • Detailed stock view (open price, close price, high/low price, current price, percentage rise or fall, share traded volume, 52 weeks price range, key financial etc)
  • Global index watch like NASDAQ, SGX NIFTY, DOWJONES, Shanghai, DAX, CAC etc.,
  • Gainers and Losers of BSE

The app has already garnered a number of positive reviews from all across the world. It has an average rating of 4.4 on Google Play Store and is going pretty strong.

Few honourble mentions other than top 10 share market apps are –

NSE Mobile App

If you are among the traders looking for a free application to monitor the share trading system, the NSE Mobile Trading will end up being considerably profitable at that stage.

There is a simple UI (User Interface) for this entire exchange and market checking device that gives constant and streaming news and updates.

The application for NSE Mobile Trading is primarily due to its ease and simplicity. The great benefit is that both Android and IOS systems are relevant to it.

Stock Watch App

The Stock Watch is one of the most prominent and successful applications that gives Android customers the opportunity to concentrate on the Indian and global economy.

It can be used as a device to follow the most relevant stock transactions in India. The Stock Watch, BSE/NSE program helps you to follow top storehouses and investigator views on an explicit inventory in addition to the normal highlights.

Live Share Tips App

The Live Share Tips will give you tips on how to deal with the stock market, what are the current ups and downs in various indices and many more basics.

In this program, you could also track experts on the stock market. You will review their latest opinions, progress in their recommendations and the fact that they approve.

Share Market Trading Course App

Online instruction in technical analysis focused on the stock market, forex trading and commodity trading will be provided by the Share Market Trading Course.

But the focus of this course is primarily on the stock market. On its application, any training video and other important material may be used.

In addition, it provides a guide that can be used in the stock market for beginners and pro investors.

Conclusion of Best Share Market India Apps

For your stock market exchanges, there is no better judge than you yourself.

There are, however, a variety of aids available on the internet that can help you make the right choice, a choice that can help you earn better financial returns.

A lot of financial jargon is accessible all over the internet. It is normally very difficult for the average man to understand any of it.

There are a range of financial websites and stock market applications that have been expressly developed for such terms to be simplified.

The apps listed here enable the common man to understand not only the world of business and stock markets, but also to track all stock market prices at all times.

Top 10 Share market App in India FAQs

Answer – Financial apps have been designed in order to assist customers who can access every financial detail at the tip of the fingers. One such exceedingly brilliant app is the Moneycontrol app.

Answer – As it turns out, the best share market app is, hands down, Moneycontrol app. It provides research tips, allows to do it through board meetings and gives live announcements, thus assisting the customer in every way.

Answer – Few of the features are:

  • The app allows quick access to top turnover, equity derivatives quotes, BSE SME platform, among others.
  • Customers can now create their own separate watchlist to track their investments, per se.

There is a Google Voice application that allows customers to search for stocks within the app.

Answer – Some of the features are:

  • Back up and restore
  • Notifications on the rise and fall of prices in the market
  • Global currencies
  • Persistent intraday chart
  • A comprehensible and detailed view of stocks

Answer – If you are a trader, searching for a free app in order to monitor share trading systems, this will be pretty helpful to you. The entire facet of exchanging and market checking device has a pretty basic user interface which allows constant updates. The NSE mobile trading app is simple and straightforward.

Answer – Some of the features of the ETMarkets app are:

  • It keeps the customers updated with the best stocks in order to assist them in buying nothing but the top mutual funds and gold market.
  • Live rates of US dollar and British pound, among others are provided by the app.
  • It also allows free tips and advices, investment ideas and regular updates as far as stock market is concerned.

Answer – It goes without saying that intraday trading is a mandatory feature of a stockbroking firm. Herein, 5Paisa leads the match with its low brokerage fee and trading platform.

Answer – The app provides FII/FPI and D I I cash with nothing but the most accurate historical data. It also provides continuous updates that are filled with market tracking, corporate announcements and all the possible future events that are yet to come. The app is built in a way, so functional, that it provides scanners built according to the preference of the customer. It also helps customers to learn about everything regarding the financial world.

Answer – Some of the main features of NDTV profit app are:

  • The app provides plenty of videos of interviews and market analysis from the studio itself
  • App provides its viewers with news regarding stock market, news report analysis, expert opinions on investing, so on and so forth.
  • The app shows live stocks, company specific news and special screeners for sectors.

Answer – Some of the prominent features are:

  • The app provides the customers with details for equity, futures and much more.
  • It provides a price alert system for currency and commodity arenas.
  • The app provides financial opinions and expert advices to customers.
  • The entire stock market portfolio of any customer thus becomes handled with ease and comfortability.

Answer – The best features are:

  • The app provides the option of live streaming of videos.
  • It also provides the option to monitor stocks from any part of the entire universe.

It provides a well rounded information, even in the financial area along with every type of information related to business and politics technology and investment.

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